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Modern For Two

$ 1,400.00

This acrylic and shag style piece is cool and modern, a great addition to any home and a great place for your dogs or cats to hang out.

All of our styles feature a removable top to allow access to the interior and washable cushions for easy cleaning.

Size, prints, nail details all vary because they are all unique and custom made. 


With the option of Mongolian Sheep Skin, Faux Fur, Cowhide or Printed Cowhide. Acrylic frame, vinyl interior, wood, foam, silicon feet Pillow made of plush synthetic fabric, zipper.


Sheep Skin:

Protect from light and sun exposure as it can fade. Professional Cleaning required.

Faux Fur:

Spot clean with cold water and mild soap, and air dry. Do not use any solvents or heat to dry.

Cowhide/ Printed Cowhide:

Avoid exposure to sun, it can fade and damage cowhide. Brush dust off with the direction of the grain. If necessary, use a professional cleaner.


Special care must be taken when cleaning the acrylic house. Do not use window cleaning fluids, scouring compounds, gritty cloths, or strong solvents such as alcohol, ammonia, acetone, carbon tetrachloride, etc. Always use a soft cloth as not to scratch the Acrylic surface. The best way to care for your Acrylic homes is to clean with warm water and a small amount of mild liquid soap, rinse and dry.


Pillow covers are removable using the zipper. Cover can be machine washed on regular in cold water and air dried.

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